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Sunday, January 12, 2014

New year, new goals and ways to improve your family setting!

The New Year is on the horizon! People this time around seem to focus on new beginnings or existing projects that may end up at some point affecting the family setting; for the good or for the bad! No matter what goal you set, it's always has to be oriented around your family simply because they are the ones who support you the most each and every day. They can be hard at times taking precious time away from your daily routines, or maybe family issues that have to solve at the moment and you have no other place to go; but I believe time has to be made for them! 

Your job will not leave if you make the right decision while at work, friends will come and go, outside distractions will eventually reach its limit and you will confront one way or another, but FAMILY will always and for ever be there...that is for sure!

This year will embark a family to prosper and they will count on you to succeed. Not only keep a career goal advancement in place, but also set aside a family goal that it can be reach this year. Trust me, your family will thank you for that! If other mini goals can be set, then better for you and your family! 

Happy 2014 my friends and I'll see you on the other side of the next post!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter is on the horizon...

Now that the majoy holidays are out of the way and families have burden down the big spending, it is now time to celebrate GODs gift and enjoy life to the fullest. It is easter and around this time we must all gather to enjoy this time of the year with your little ones. This is when we all must come together to celebrate what we all came to this world to do; and that's to enjoy every single time around your loved ones. That is you spouse, children, siblings, aunt/uncles, parents (mom and dad), grandparents, your secondary or extended family, etc etc.

One thing is for sure, all parks and recreational venues will be filled with lots and lots of kids running around finding eggs and filling their basket with candy. Some of you might give out money in them, or just simply gather around your house and do the same with food and drinks. Many of you will be doing different things to celebrate this time of the year, just enjoy it and make the most out of this time. But most important we must spend this weekend with the people you love and cherish it like if its the last one of all.

Enjoy your family and spend it well...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The holidays...

Is that time of the year once again! This lapse of time brings every family a whole lot of memories from the childhood. The memories are irreplaceable and can be very joyful most of the times; but at times can be hurtful as well. In this case if you lost someone special or have fond memories of a certain individual, this is where the sadness comes. We all have to make this holiday season a joyful time of remembrance. Looking back at things that happened in our lives that brings us special memories...

To move away from the above subject, we can now all talk about what we all do during this Thanksgiving break! What is your way of celebrating Thanksgiving? Who do you spend it with? Is there an important significant meaning to these for you?

In my case; this is my special family time where I spend it with all the people I love and care. We eat a prepared turkey, with it's accompanying dishes, a wine or some kind of juice, and the dessert; can't forge that!

We then talk and talk, reminisce about what we all did throughout the year. We joke around and remember funny stuff that happened during the year. We also remember the people we lost in our life during that year. It simply a time to of remembrance; some quality time with those people that mean the most to you.

In some cases, you don't spend these days with those people and some sadness might appear. It might be because your husband or wife are out on military duty, other times it might be because of work or something related. But most of the times it's simply because we just can't make it for an X reason and that's the hard part of this time. We just have to make it work, pray that everybody is going to be OK, and spending this holiday time with the people that bring joy and caring!

What ever you're doing, enjoy it and cherish it! Because you don't know what the next day might bring or if you will see those people ever again. Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year are probably to me the best holidays of the year; that's simply because what all of them have in common: Unity and some family quality time!

Happy Thanksgiving to all...and if I do not hear from you between now and the New Year; I wish you all the best time of year!!!

A family photo from earlier in the year; at my daughter's baptism!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Family time!

I like sitting in the couch, watching a movie with the entire family. We're there enjoying the film and after the movie is over we all rejoice the memories and talk about the movie. This is what having some quality time with the family is all about!

I like doing this; it's not all the time, but when it happens I always think back and rejoice! I get a joyful flashback of what just happened.

Had anybody ever had that feeling or though? Or maybe, it doesn't have to be that instance or place. It just has to be a memory you've had with the entire family!

Gotta love those times, it's all about the family!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Being the head of the household, comes great responsibility!

Being the head of a house; normally comes great responsibility! That is what my father thought me; no matter how big or small the family you create becomes it always lays shoulders on you (the father). In some, but not all cases "the mother" is the one responsible and it is even in most cases quite tougher to deal with.

We all have to be mature grinded individuals in order to deal with the advertises us fathers and mothers face throughout a son or daughter's life. We have to be prepare for anything; financially and physically the hard road of life! It's as simple as that, anytime you become frustrated or angry do not take it on your family, but just be grateful of your family is worth! If you believe in GOD, he will give you and more opportunities to succeed in life, if you don't believe in him just stay positive and confront your situation with the strongest mind possible!

Not all people make it, not all people sustain that respect thorughout a family! It has to be a combination of patience and a very well experience father or mother. If it gets tougher, we also have to get even tougher and grind-it out to the extend of protecting our own families. So in final words, work hard, be very patient, and be joyful of what you have! But, hey! Do not forget to be the strong one in the family and be the best head of household you can be! Most of all enjoy your family...happy week to all!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nothing like living with your true family...

The true meaning of a family comes out and is more appreciated when we spend as a family. One true family is when your wife, son or daughter, and yourself are gather by the TV set, by the Christmas tree, or by the dinner table and are having the best time of your life. That's when you realize you are a happy person that you have everything in the world that anybody can ask for. But then, other thoughts come to mind and desperate times of money, bills, mortgages, and expenses that you dont count on.

To me, that shouldn't affect the way you life, it should take you away from what is important in today life; family! Whether you live with other people; with your grandparents, you own parents, other realatives, it's a family and all gathering should be happy moments.

Cherish all intances that you have with your love ones and never under estimate the caring you receive from those people that really care for you. Enjoy everything you have in your life, and keep the family growing!!!